A construction company in Ivory Coast that stands out

Although we started in 2002 with construction of buildings for residential or commercial use, today our areas of expertise have expanded to the execution of public works contracts, building workforce loaning, property management, rental of construction machinery, all with one objective: to guarantee you access to housing.

LGU Africa in a few figures


Workforce loaning:an opportunity for building and public works companies or individuals

In pursuing our main objective of providing access to decent and serviced housing for all, we have focused, among other things, on the workforce loaning to construction companies and individuals, the staff that we have at our disposal are very reactive, qualified and experienced to bring you its expertise.

From construction to information and communication technologies:there was only one step to take.

With the great advances and technological innovations of recent years, we have realized that it must play an important role in the digital revolution that is taking place. As a result, our digital division was born, with our expertise and offering services such as multimedia communication, maintenance and computer troubleshooting, and the implementation of electronic security systems.

A little history:The big dates of the company

The first steps
The construction company was born in Benin. Its main activities revolve around building electricity, plumbing, car rental and small subcontracts in building and public works.

Very quickly, the demand for its services increased and the company experienced many collaborations such as the one with the Japanese company Toda Corporation in 2003.

International construction company
LGU Africa has now taken on a sub-regional dimension. Many West African countries such as Mali, Congo Kinshasa and Senegal have been offered its services.

The company continues to grow. But he has never forgotten that his goal is to serve those in need.

Ivory coast: The new base
For reasons of proximity to its customers and partners, LGU Africa construction company opens a base in Abidjan in Ivory coast.

In the same year, it will be asked to supply workforce in electricity, plumbing, and rental of machinery for the construction of the central market for the development of the municipality of Sassandra.

At the cutting edge of technology
Fever of digital and technological revolution has won the heart of the construction company in Ivory Coast. Over the years, LGU Africa has explored many activity area such as computer science.

In 2018, it officially acquires human and material resources to conquer the multimedia, computer maintenance and electronic security markets.

Open line 24 hours a day

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We listen to you to turn your concerns into success.

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"I recommend them with eyes closed"

Sylvain N’DRI – Ivory Coast – 13/07/2020

Quality services.

The work is of high quality, not to say impeccable. For plumbing and electrical work in our offices in Cocody Abidjan, we were met beyond our expectations. The team was very professional and really listened to us. We are still looking forward to their services for future work. I recommend them with eyes closed!

"I was personally surprised by their ability to react"

Brahima D. C. KOULIBALY – Ivory Coast – 2020/04/14

Listening and responsiveness.

I place particular emphasis on the responsiveness of this company. It was due to a technical problem on a construction site in Abidjan that we turned to their machinery rental service. we were already late and we needed another provider to meet our specifications. And I was personally surprised by their ability to react. We were able to hold on to a large extent in time and even save a little on budget. Their intervention was a great relief for us. I wish them all the best for the future!

"I can only say good things about this company"

Idrissa M. NIASSE – Senegal – 2020/03/20

A real professionals team.

Lots of experience and know-how, that's what LGU Africa reminds me of. Having already collaborated with them a few years ago for a hotel renovation, my partners and I did not hesitate for a moment to call them again to equip a shopping center with a remote monitoring and detection system fire. We were entitled to the same professionalism as in the past and better support. I can only say good things about this company.

"Their service was very good ... I even got a discount on the total cost. Really great!"

Stéphane S. KOUAME – Ivory Coast – 2020/03/09

I valid! Super delighted with the services of this structure.

I came across this company by chance when I was looking on the Internet for a road construction equipment rental company for a project in Abidjan. They quickly gave me a quote and their service was very good. Machines in good condition and competent operators! I even got a discount on the total cost. Really nice!

"I have found the structure I needed to boost my business"

Jean Marc N’GUESSAN – Ivory Coast

A company which was recommended to me and which convinced me by its services.

In search of a real estate agency for the rental management of a building in Abidjan II Plateaux, I contacted LGU following a recommendation from a close relative. Very skeptical at the start because of a recent failure that I experienced, today I am convinced that I have found the structure I needed to boost my business. To date, the collaboration has been very good and frank, and I hope that it will continue. They are really good!

"Very good benefits. I validate because I saw them at work"

Konan GAOUA – Ivory coast

A very fruitful collaboration, I validate.

I used this company for the construction of an R + 3 building. The team surprised me pleasantly. The deadlines were met beyond my expectations because the staff knew their work. It was a very fruitful collaboration, I validate.

"Since this time, I didn't have problems with their electrical installation"

Stéphane BOUGUIRA – Democratic Republic of Congo

A very dynamic and responsive team. I have a very good memory of them.

It's been 5 months since I hired an electricity labour force from them for a project to renovate a cultural centre. A very dynamic and responsive team that was obviously passionate about the profession. We were even able to deliver the site 2 days earlier than planned. I have a very good memory of them.

"I highly recommend this company"

ZOGBO Junior – Ivory Coast

I highly recommend this company... They have accompanied me a lot in terms of budget.

My experience with this company has been more than conclusive. I highly recommend it. It was an acquaintance of mine who recommended their services when I wanted to start a building construction. They accompanied me a lot in terms of budget and were constantly listening to me. Frankly, I will not hesitate to call them again if I still need their services. Well done!

"In my opinion, their services are professional"


Good construction machines with competent operators.

Through a colleague, I used their site equipment rental service. The experiment was conclusive. Question state of the machines, nothing to blame. The operators were dynamic. So in my opinion, their services are professional




N'GUESSAN Kouamé Eric

N'GUESSAN Kouamé Eric
Public Relations Officer

LOGOZO Viva Peace

LOGOZO Viva Peace
Financial Operations Officer

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