A public works company for development

The construction, development and maintenance of public buildings, public spaces, works of art and civil engineering are some of the specialties of the public works company LGU Afrique that we are and which always accompanies you in your real estate projects.

Public works company - LGU Afrique at the heart of development

Available TP human, material and technical resources

We have the means and skills to respond to requests such as:

  • Urban development: renovation of sidewalks, parking, installation of public lighting and traffic lights
  • Construction of infrastructure: paving of lanes, slabs, retaining walls
  • Maintenance of public spaces:roads, green spaces, streets, gutters, public lighting and traffic lights…

Innovating and building alongside our customers is what we offer by putting our expertise at the service of development. With LGU Afrique, build your future!

LGU Afrique, Public Works Company


Concerned audience

  • Special
  • Actors of the public
  • Private actors


Depending on the size of the project. To be defined in the contract.

Human Resources

All the required personnel: from engineers to TP workers.


  • Very attractive.
  • It adapts very easily to you or your company, on budget.
  • Payment that can be staggered.


Quote provided for free right now!

Intervention area

Sub-Saharan African countries.