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As a construction leader in Africa, we are the benchmark construction company.

For more than 18 years, we have been building constructions, roads and works of art across Africa with our skilled and experienced engineers and technicians. Are you a construction company or an individual looking for a quality construction workforce in Ivory Coast or anywhere else in Africa for all construction and renovation work? Do you want to rent latest generation high-performance machinery or construction equipment from Public Works? Or do you want efficient and profitable management of your real estate? You’ve found the general construction company you need.



As a construction company that has proven itself in Ivory Coast and on the african continent, our professionalism offers you the guarantee…

Public Works

The construction, development and maintenance of public buildings, public spaces, civil engineering works are some of our specialties…

Building workforce loaning

For loaning a qualified construction staff, we are your reference point. From architect to construction laborer, you will find…

Rental construction machinery

A major player in the supply of rolling stock for public works, LGU Africa offers a fleet of modern and…



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Whether it is a project to build or renovate personal housing, leisure or commercial centers, industrial buildings, health, school or sports facilities, roads and highways, arts and other works building forms, we offer you, everywhere in sub-Saharan Africa, and particularly in Ivory Coast our know-how, proven by many years of experience, to achieve your dreams.

Are you a construction company or an individual who wants to outsource a skilled workforce in the construction sector? We legally lend our experienced staff who accompany you in your needs and requirements.

But the general construction company that we are has much more to offer. Thus, outside the Building and Public Works sector, LGU Africa provides you with a wide range of complementary services, ranging from property management, computing and electronic security to the rental of construction machines. And if we continue to explore other activity sectors, it is always to stay closer to you and better meet your expectations.

Our professions


  • Engineers, architects and surveyors
  • Masons and road builders
  • Plumbers and electricians
  • Scrap dealer and formworkers
  • Carpenters
  • Painters and tilers
  • HGV drivers
  • Editor in thermal and climatic installations
  • Construction machinery mechanics


  • Real estate agents
  • Holiday rental specialists
  • Properties merchants


  • Editors and graphic artistes
  • Sound engineers
  • Webmasters
  • Computer scientists and IT network administrators
  • Alarm and remote monitoring system maintenance technicians

Our strategy


    Our Vision - LGU Africa, Construction Company

    Always position yourself as a leader in the construction industry and pass on values such as passion for excellence and integrity to build a stronger and more united Africa.


    Our Mission - LGU Africa, Construction Company

    To provide innovative construction services that truly meet the needs of society, in the face of the challenges of urbanization, and to be the driving force behind the development of the construction, real estate and information technology in Africa and particularly in Ivory Coast.


    Our goals - LGU Africa, Construction Company

    • Respect for quality and time
    • Access to housing for all
    • Sustainable development policy




"They did a remarkable job"

Sandra AKOUA – Ivory Coast – 2021/10/04

Top team!

They have done an amazing job and are well organized. The work on our site went well and there were no problems. I really liked this collaboration and the team is great! They supported us from start to finish and we were even able to save some money. I thank them in passing and wish them good professional continuation.

"Few companies are reliable... like them"

Pascal THIBAUT – Ivory Coast – 2021/06/29

Reliable company

My structure worked with a dynamic and competent team. They know what they're doing and are always listening to you. We have enjoyed working with them. Few companies are reliable in their branch of activity, but LGU AFRIQUE is really a serious structure demonstrating professionalism at all levels. Good luck to them!


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