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Electronic security and fire detection in Abidjan

In the digital age, in an increasingly connected world where everything becomes intelligent and automated, technology is being used greatly to meet the major challenge of protecting goods and people. Monitoring a premise, preventing theft and intrusion, controlling access or preventing fires,these are all electronic security solutions that we offer in Abidjan Ivory Coast and Sub-Saharan Africa to guarantee peace and serenity for people.

Electronic security by video surveillance: Complete and modern kits

Protection by video surveillance systems is a matter of experts. Give us this task and effectively secure your premises at very low rates.

Video surveillance - Electronic security in Ivory Coast

Our electronic security experts in Abidjan Ivory Coast and in the sub-region ensure the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting of the latest generation kits (discreet cameras, monitors, alarms…) that we have. Depending on the contract, they can monitor the images 24 hours a day, on the spot or remotely and immediately notify the security services for immediate intervention.

Anti-theft and anti-intrusion alarms: Preventing danger

Anti-theft and anti-intrusion alarms
Robbery, burglary, home break-in, how often it is unpleasant to face these evils! Fortunately, LGU Afrique offers electronic protection solutions tailored to your budget.

Protect your home, property or business with our high-tech alarm systems (movement and shock sensors, light triggers, deterrent posters, etc.) connected to our monitoring center that automatically sends alerts to the security services.

Are you in Abidjan? In Ivory Coast? Contact us now and we will travel to the site to be protected in order to study it and offer you the appropriate devices. For you who reside outside Ivorian territory, ask for a quote simply.

Electronic security by access control: Protect physical access to your premises

Depending on the sensitivity of a site and the flow of people passing through it, managing the main access or access to specific areas can quickly turn out to be a headache with mechanical key systems or with security guards.

And that’s where we come in by deploying our electronic security systems according to your restriction criteria, the organization and configuration of the site to be secured.

High-tech features to optimize security

The systems we offer are unique and innovative! Among other things, they manage:

  • Profile access: you will be able to define which category of people (employees, visitors, service providers, suppliers) could access which area.
  • The opening and closing time slots.
  • Real-time identification of people in a building and verification of their access rights.
  • Alarms in case of intrusion, suspicious access…
  • Assault codes: an employee can cooperate with an aggressor by opening (with a specific code) a door without putting himself in danger. Then a silent alarm will automatically go off to warn the people
  • The opening and closing of the gates, gates and turnstiles accessing the site.

High-tech bespoke and cheaper for your protection

Electronic Security in Abidjan - Access Control

As our policy has always been a very attractive pricing policy, we strive every day to offer you innovative services at unbeatable value for money. In this sense, the access control systems we offer will easily adapt to your needs, your realities and your budget. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, an individual or any organization, you will be served with us.

Fire Safety System (SIS): Fire Protection

In business as in residential areas, fires are terribly devastating and destructive. It is therefore a necessity to guard against it. We support you in this direction by making intelligent systems accessible to all:

  • Fire detection: autonomous smoke detectors, on sector, interconnected, home automation.
  • Fire alarm: types 1,2,3,4, light diffusers.
  • Automatic and manual extinction: gas extinguishers, mobiles, smoke-smoking systems, pumps, sprinklers, fire blankets.

From installation to product maintenance, to the training of the occupants of the premises to their use, our team of SIS professionals offers you a complete and effective solution of fire protection.

Electronic Security in Ivory Coast - Fire Protection and Alarm

Electronic security in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast and the sub-region is now experiencing an epic. High-tech devices to ensure your protection and that of your property are now within your reach. So do not stay on the sidelines of this revolution. Choose our services now and benefit from many advantages, as our values constitute your guarantee and your satisfaction.


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