Why choose us?

Here is everything that sets us apart from the competition, the essential reasons that make us your first choice company in construction, workforce loaning, equipment rental, real estate management, computer science and electronic security.

You’re Unique ! Then your project must be unique !

That’s why we draw on our expertise and values to:
  • Putting you at the heart of our concerns
  • Listen to you
  • Understand you
  • Accept your requirements
  • Accompanying you

Our Experience is your guarantee and your profit.

18 years of experimentation,testing, planning,knowledge acquisition and success are our mold, giving you the assurance of benefiting a:
  • Remarkable professionalism
  • Cosmopolitan and highly skilled workforce
  • Strong network of partners
  • Service that meets international standards
  • Solution to each of your concerns, whatever they are

Our Action Strategy adapts to you !

Because your time and money are precious,we make ourselves flexible to:
  • Adapt our very attractive pricing policy to you
  • Make managing your budget as detailed as it is transparent
  • Provide you with unbeatable value for money
  • Meet deadlines
  • Earn your trust through our integrity and dynamism

Our trades are our passions.

The pleasure of our work will remain the focus of our collaboration. It will have the effect of:
  • Focus on customer relationships
  • Making our collaboration efficient and serene
  • Better highlight your needs
  • Make every detail of your project perfect
  • Give you a smile in all the stages of creating your project


For almost two decades, 4 core values have been inscribed in our company’s genetic code. These values define our identity with our customers and constitute our corporate culture. A portrait of the company’s founding values.


It is an attitude of spirit, a strength of character that drives us, excluding any deception, any breach of the rules of the company and which pushes us above all to respect the commitments made with you. Didn’t you trust us? Yes of course! So we draw on this moral value to take our responsibilities and serve you with honor and deference .

Loyalty - LGU Africa Value

Listen - LGU Africa value


For us, this is a vital value. It governs the collaboration between us within the company, builds and strengthens the bonds, lifts the equivocations. But above all, it is through it that we build relationships with our customers, public and partners. So do we have a habit of saying that: listening, analyzing, understanding and translating needs is already halfway there.


The basis of our commitment is quality. It accompanies us wherever we are and that is what sets us apart in many ways. Quality first in our relations, then quality in services, means and materials implemented, quality of staff, products… We put our heart into the work with all the necessary professionalism and we offer you all the guarantees that accompany your product or your project.

Quality - LGU Africa Value

Innovation - LGU Africa Value


Through this strategic value, we are able to create new competitive offerings, providing powerful and original answers to the needs and desires of our customers.

The satisfaction, prosperity, smile and joy of our customers have been our benefits for 18 years.
The quality of our services, the professionalism of our staff, the diversity of our professions make us unquestionably the Swiss knife of construction, set management and computer science companies.

Are you still hesitating?

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