Digital multimedia communication: The other expertise

Creating and building is our identity at LGU Afrique. But it’s not just plans, roads and buildings that can be built!

With the rise of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and the advent of new media, our skills have expanded to the IT professions. From now on, we are also a digital services company, specializing in multimedia communication and computer science and networks.

From creating corporate visual identity to advertising visuals,from webmastering to e-marketing,through audiovisual production and event coverage, communicating, caring for your image and boosting your business through digital technology becomes easy with LGU Afrique.

Moreover, troubleshooting and computer maintenance as well as network administration are many other strings to our bow, always with the aim of offering you the best and innovating by your side.

Corporate digital communication: Our skills clusters

Graphic identity

  • Visual identity.
  • Advertising visuals.

Photo & Video

  • Music videos and films production
  • Event coverage .


  • Web development, site redesign.
  • E-marketing.


  • Ads, generics.
  • GIFs, banners.


  • Covers, jackets, labels.
  • Designer T-shirt, patterns.


  • Albums and songs production.
  • Sound effects, advertisements.

Computer science and network administration

Computer Science and Network Administration - LGU Afrique

We offer IT maintenance and troubleshooting solutions to businesses. Do you have a computer pack? You have the opportunity to optimize the performance of your machines and increase the performance of your employees,at a lower cost.

Also, to ensure better data exchange within your company, we respond by installing, optimizing, securing and repairing your networks and computer systems.

Give your employees great working conditions by setting up high-performance computer networks! Opt for LGU Afrique IT solutions!


Concerned audience

SMEs, organizations, public services, artists, individuals, anyone interested.


Depending on the type of project.

Human Resources

Graphic designers, webmasters, editors, sound engineers, computer technicians and network administrators.


  • Very attractive.
  • Fits very easily to you.
  • Payment can be staggered.


Quote provided for free right now!

Intervention area

Depending on the type of project.