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How to choose a construction company

That’s it! You will finally realize your construction dream. Well done !!! Go for it, take the plunge! But … Uh, have you already made the choice of your construction company? The one that will bring your project to a successful conclusion? You said…? Ah, friends have advised you some! But on what criteria? And is it really enough to get involved? Be careful not to fall into traps that could cost you your dreams! It is therefore necessary that you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, as the financial and strategic challenges of a construction project are considerable. Here are some tips to help you choose a construction or renovation company for your work.

Define your project: type of work, budget and duration before choosing your construction company

First and foremost, it is important that you have an idea, albeit roughly, of the scope of your construction project. The nature of the work to be done will be a determining factor in the choice of your service provider.

Thus, for small jobs not requiring several trades, it would be more judicious to hire the services of a craftsman of the building.

For larger-scale works, depending on your time, budget or eventual project specifications, choosing a general construction company or an architectural firm will be better suited as the case may be.

Above all, remember that the more you have a precise idea of your project, and the more you know about steps of house building, the better you will be able to make the right choice of building company.

Slow down… Make a list of professional building companies

Whatever the urgency of your work, it is necessary to be well informed and mature your thoughts before engaging with a construction or renovation company .

Making a list of at least three professional building companies will be a good place to start. To achieve this, you must:

  • Gather recommendations from kinfolk: parents, friends or work colleagues may be asked to give their opinions.
  • Perform research on Internet according to your geographic area: doing without this wealth of information today is simply unthinkable. Most reliable construction or renovation companies have showcase sites where you can get a lot of vital information (history, references, expertise, opinions, addresses, etc.). There are also construction directories such as Go Africa Online or BATIRICI for example which list the companies operating in the construction sector in Ivory Coast.

By cross-checking all the information gleaned, you will be able to put together a short list of structures more or less suitable for your project.

Submit your project to different construction companies and get multiple offers for comparison

Requesting several quotes can be an asset to spot a company in the lot. This is sometimes due to details. Thus, it is necessary to carefully read each of the offers received. They must include details relating to the costs of the work, materials to be used, equipment and work supported, deadlines, terms of payment and others in line with your project. If there are gray areas, do not hesitate to contact the contractor for further information.

By comparing these quotes, you will be able to bring out two or three companies from the lot, depending on the number you had previously listed.
But beware! The cheapest proposals are not necessarily the best. They sometimes hide inconsistencies and haphazard discounts which lead in the long run to additional costs or failure to meet deadlines.
And at the same time, this warning is also valid in the other direction. So don’t think that the more expensive it is, the better it will be! If you are unsure of your choice, ask the company for references.

Choose the right construction company: contact us

Ask for references to choose your construction company

By requesting references from a building contractor, you can be sure of their reliability. A serious construction or renovation company should not be stingy with its finest achievements. You should be able to assess the quality of his previous work. At the same time, try to consult the opinions of its former customers if possible to better represent its credibility.

In addition, if the company has construction sites in progress, do not hesitate to go down there. Seeing his future entrepreneur directly at work and gathering opinions on site could only be to his advantage if he is serious and professional in his work.

Do not neglect the financial health and the legal situation of your choice of construction company

A construction company in liquidation or bankruptcy cannot carry out your project. Worse, it operates illegally if it does not have a permit issued by the competent authorities. Collaborating with such a structure can lead to an abrupt stop to your site. This is therefore reason enough to be well informed before any engagement. And the registration number or the company name will be very useful in the search for this information.

Once all these criteria are taken into account, you will be better able to choose your construction or renovation company . Thus, you will start with a relationship of trust, which bodes well for a fruitful and successful collaboration.

At LGU Afrique, values that set us apart from the competition make us your prime construction company. Contact us now to submit the project of your dreams. With LGU Afrique, build your future!

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