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Buying a house: precautions to take

Have you set your sights on a house for sale? Don’t get carried away too quickly or you may be disappointed after closing the deal. As a future homeowner, you should take precautions before committing to buying a home. And this is the goal that this article pursues by showing you some criteria to consider before buying a house or an apartment.

Buying a house that meets your expectations

It is certainly not possible to undertake a real estate purchase project without taking the time to define your needs. Become owner is an approach that commits you for a very long time. And selling your title deed is always a possibility, but it is a process that can take many months to complete. To do this, first ask yourself the right questions, the answers to which will better guide your approach:

  • Buy a new or old house ? Depending on your choice, the selling price and probably the renovation work to be done will not be of the same importance.
  • What is my need about surface? Project yourself into the future so as not to have regrets in a few years when your family or professional situation will require more or less space.
  • What is my budget? The available solutions to you are generally savings, mortgage loans and grants. But be careful! Your budget should not only take into account the price of real estate purchase . It will be necessary to consider the additional costs (agency, application, notary, works, development and insurance fees), taxes and charges. And by having a more concrete idea of your finances, you will avoid falling under a charm of an asset that is financially out of reach.
  • What is the ideal geographic location? The location is an essential criterion to define a good real estate purchase . Thus, shops, hospitals, pharmacies and schools presence, and workplace proximity will enhance your home.

Visiting the premises: a sensitive step in knowing house condition

When you have targeted a House for sale either by yourself or through a real estate agency , a site visit is essential. Do not briefly explore the home, but take time to observe everything from floor to ceiling. Inspect the premises, test the installations and track down the slightest faults. A leaky roof or a cracked wall can lead to great unforeseen expenses. So do the good choice of a renovation company to estimate the work if it is an old property.

Then, without falling in love at first sight on the first visit, organize counter-visits at different times of the day. Do it if possible in the company of your loved ones, especially if they are building professionals in order to collect quality opinions. This will allow you not to miss out on some damaging details and you will be better able to assess other important factors such as light exposure and sound insulation. Above all, remember that a good real estate purchase goes through a successful house visit.

Look beyond the 4 walls of your future home

Are you happy your future house interior ? Now look at your neighborhood a bit. Your peace of mind and your fulfillement are at stake. Indeed, a property environment can be a decisive factor in the choice of a buyer. So do your little investigation with the seller or even neighbors on the atmosphere that prevails in the surroundings. Does the atmosphere there suit you? Are there noise disturbances, especially during off-duty hours? Is there a feeling of insecurity in the area? It is in your best interest to make these checks before pushing your decision to to buy a house .

How is the local real estate market currently?

Check the real estate market before buying a house

Once you’ve taken all of these precautions, check to see if the seller’s price is consistent with the local market. Many owners increase the price of their property simply to have a large negociation margin. Point out the weak points of the accommodation in order to try to negotiate a lower asking price. For an old property, the amount of work is an objective argument to reduce the house selling price .

Buying a house in good standing

Before signing a sales contract , it is essential to check several administrative points. Hence the importance of being supported by professionals.

The owner must have all the legal documents (deeds, certificates, agreements, permits, titles, etc.) regarding the land laws in force. And if you intend to carry out extension work later, check this possibility at the town hall’s town planning department. At the same time, you can consult the urban plan of the district, in order to know the construction projects planned around your future house.

From now on, nothing holds you back for buying a house ! You have put the best chances on your side by rigorously following our checklist. So realize your dream, but especially avoid in the future to make final decisions based on fleeting emotions.
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