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Different construction machine and their role - Blog - LGU Africa

How many pass in front of a building site without noticing the presence of these enormous, often yellow machines deployed for various works? And most do not know the actual use of each of these vehicles. Useful for working the soil, moving materials or making pavement layers, heavy machinery is essential to intervene effectively on…

How to choose a construction company

That’s it! You will finally realize your construction dream. Well done !!! Go for it, take the plunge! But … Uh, have you already made the choice of your construction company? The one that will bring your project to a successful conclusion? You said…? Ah, friends have advised you some! But on what criteria? And…

Steps of house building

Building a house means investing time, energy and money. When you commit to it, it is often very difficult to turn back. It is therefore necessary to learn about all the implications of such a project to know when, how and with whom to go about it. This article looks back at all the steps…

Safety measures on a construction site

It is not always easy to be a company responsible for a construction project. Indeed, the risks at work exist in all sectors of activity, that of construction is one of the most prone to accidents at work. To ensure the safety and health of workers and even visitors, certain rules that should not be…

Why create a website for your company

Should this question still be asked today? Aren’t the reasons obvious? For some, this question does not deserve attention in a world where everything around us becomes more and more connected. It would be like asking why have a phone today. And yet, many companies do not have websites, often not worried about return on…

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